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Who we are

Horrox is a global emerging clothing brand based in Brooklyn, New York. Whilst we have a foundation of tailored lines and quality materials, our designs feel radical by pulling from music, art and culture. Our attire provides a fresh perspective with an innovative appreciation of classic clothing. We are on a relentless pursuit of exuberant apparel, reflective of what and who we love.

Horrox is aiming to strike the balance between culture and fashion to produce clothing that reflects the world's history and present. Horrox takes influence from music history and subcultures of past generations to infuse energy into our products, as well as solidify a timeless yet referential feel to its pieces. We collaborate with artists, photographers and charities to make statements beyond our own designs and bring unique voices to light. Relevancy creates an impact and Horrox intends to make one.

Our promise

Horrox is dedicated to creating a kinder world by consciously developing its practices and disrupting the norm. Charity partnerships and thoughtful material choices are indicative of the path Horrox is carving for itself – having already dedicated itself to having no plastic buttons. And hope to continue to always do better.

Now, let’s get you suited and booted.

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